Democracy and Governance

ENAI-Africa promotes democratic governance and citizen participation in South Rift Counties. We work with local communities and authorities to strengthen democratic institutions, promote transparency, and enhance civic engagement. Through civic education programs, we empower citizens with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, encouraging them to actively participate in decision-making processes at the local and national levels. We also advocate for accountable and inclusive governance structures, promoting transparency and integrity in public administration. We firmly believe that gender equality and inclusive governance are essential for creating a just and equitable society. Through our efforts, we aim to identify and empower women leaders, advocate for gender-responsive policies, and promote active participation of women in decision-making processes. One of our key strategies is to identify women leaders in the community who are passionate about advocating for gender policies. These women serve as role models and change agents, using their voices to speak out strongly on issues related to gender equality. By highlighting their stories and providing them with platforms to share their experiences, we inspire other women and girls to actively engage in decision-making processes and become leaders in their own right.

ENAI-Africa supports the establishment of platforms for dialogue and constructive engagement between citizens, civil society, and government authorities in these South Rift Counties. We organize community forums, public hearings, and stakeholder consultations to facilitate meaningful discussions on governance issues and policy development. Through these platforms, we foster a culture of open dialogue, collaboration, and joint decision-making, leading to more inclusive and responsive governance practices in the county. Another crucial aspect of our work is the development and dissemination of guidelines on gender integration in society. These guidelines provide practical frameworks and recommendations for various sectors to promote gender sensitivity and inclusivity. By sharing these guidelines with stakeholders, organizations, and community leaders, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of gender issues and encourage their integration into policies, programs, and practices.

ENAI-Africa promotes the inclusion and participation of marginalized groups, such as women, youth, and indigenous communities, in democratic processes. We provide training and mentorship programs to empower these groups with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in governance processes and advocate for their rights. By amplifying their voices and addressing their specific needs, we contribute to more inclusive and equitable governance in these pastoral communities, where all residents have equal opportunities to participate in decision-making processes.

"In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it."
Marianne Williamson

Our primary mandate is to build the capacity of communities, with a special emphasis on gender equity and equality, sustainable food security, quality health, improved literacy and education systems, skills in social entrepreneurship, democracy and governance, and environment and natural resources management. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for pastoralist communities and fostering equitable and sustainable development.

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